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Crisp and bright and durable printing on Aluminum and plastic substrates!

Email your your CAD artwork, a hi-resolution image or even ship us the original component to create amazing visual impact for your new prototype, vintage equipment restoration or even to use in manufacturing your product!

Fast turn around of orders from single pieces on up.  No minimum part size (so far).

Maximum part size with our current equipment is 12 x 24 inches (30.5 x 61 cm.)

Standard thickness of Aluminum components is 0.020 in. (0.5 mm) which can be bonded to thicker material for strength. Wherever possible we will shear and punch the material to close tolerances. Creative hand tools are required for curves and other complex shapes.

Standard thickness of Plastic components is 0.005 in. (0.00125 mm) which can laminated to glass or transparent plastics such as polycarbonate (Lexan).

Examples of our capabilities!

Stock pressure gauge with error bars small


A common request is for a new reference scale on a mechanical gauge or analog electrical meter movement.

Here is a situation where a customer wanted to change the scale units plus avoid the labor needed to manually add thin strips of RED plastic tape to indicate error bands.

We can provide a duplicate Aluminum panel printed with new artwork of any imaginable combinations of text and graphics and background.

Below are some experiments that show what does work well, and others ideas not so much!




JST scale small

Here is a new pressure scale in hundreds of mm Hg. All graduation marks and text are Black.

The arc across the bottom of the graduations is Green. The JST graphic logo is Blue.

All very legible and sharp on Arctic White background.

Holes for mounting and pointer safety stops are precision punched.


Hot Tamales small

This is 0-10 indicator of Pepper Hotness.

Scale numbers and graduations in Black with arc across the bottom in Green.

The characters in RED are large font, the largest using an outline font

Good legibility.

The ends of the scale are at the very limit of available space.




Azimuth A small


This is typical analog navigation display that is unlikely to use gas pressure, however you can see some interesting results here in this example.

The background is a complex mottled Green pattern that looks like seawater to some and dark marble to others. The glass cover of the gauge hides far too much!

Yellow Bold font is very legible, as is the White “Degrees Azimuth” at the top.

The Orange font on the positive side of “0”, is not.

The Black scale graduations do not stand out well with this dark background.


Klingon units small

Here is a special project with limited customer base!

The units and characters are in KLINGON. Not sure what the intent?

The “text” and scale graduations are in several colors over Arctic White background.

Very good legibility with Black, Blue and Red.

Less so with Green and Orange.

The Yellow is not very useful with the White background!




Vetinari Clock parts cropped small

Something a little different here for the ever creative Max Maxfield.

We made up these 5 unique Aluminum parts from graphic files provided by Max.






Then Max had them assembled into these vintage analog meter movements






All part of his very cool, retro Vetinari Clock!






Large components!

TK4 panel case small



Printed panel bonded to 2mm Aluminum for added strength.

Approximately 11 x 7 in. with radiused corners.

A mix of graphic elements and text on an off-White background.

Durable, washable surface without protective coating survives fairly rough handling by users.






Large front panel A


Printed panel bonded to 3mm thick Laser cut Aluminum.

Outside dimensions approximately 11.5 x 17 in, with radiused corners.

Text in 4 different colors plus JST logo in Blue.

Note the use of the custom pressure scale in the gauge on the lower right.







Ideas we are working on now!


Vintage radio panels on 1936 RCA Communications Receiver that will be perfect when replaced with Black on glossy White.

Proof once again that storing electronics outside is not wise!


Smiths Speedo 120 MPH cropped small



Automotive, aircraft and motorcycle instrumentation such as this Speedometer.